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Shadow Slaves

Watch Shadow Slaves Movies Now! Our favorite is Shadow Slaves. It’s true amateur BDSM site from the UK that is now being filmed in Denmark, which only means there are less restrictions to be met. Brits are famous for their sick ideas and more so for contributions in online porn. So when these two of their features are combined together we get sites such as Shadow Slaves.

You won’t see here glamour chicks getting poked with fancy tools, like at Kink sites. Instead, there are ordinary people using everyday things to help each other extract pleasure from pain. You will see husbands abusing their wives, tie them up with ropes, wrap in plastic, spank their asses till they flash red with leather belt, electrify their pussies with electric machines, stretch ass holes with tubes used in plumbing and everything a sick mind can imagine. Oh, and they use medical noodles quite often too!

If you have been a member to Shadow Slaves before, the site is running since 2003, then you will be pleasantly surprised with improved video quality, that is now offered in usual Windows Media Format in high and low resolution for slow connection.

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Hard Bdsm

Sadistic women entertain themselves at the expense of their household males. Visit Schockers to see painful scenes with nude male bodies abused by perverted chicks. Slapped asses, pierced dicks and balls, hot waxed chests and everything crazy you have imagined is performed there. Suggest your sick fantasy for the upcoming shoot…

Sensitive British Pussy In Pain

This clip starts with painful scene of seductive British blonde being hanged to the ceiling for her pussy lips which are pierced with sharp metal fork. She tries to balance on tips of her toes as every unnecessary movement causes her even more pain. Shadow Slaves master takes her off this improvised hook to have some more play with that sensitive snatch. He pokes it with multiple canes that have sharp ends then opens it up with medical proctoscope for further examination…

Girl with extremely sensitive pussy not used to pain -

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Hardcore Bdsm Clips Channel

The standard set by the variety of sadistic scenes featured on pages of this blog is hard to beat and this is unquestionable, yet I will give it a go. Check this bdsm channel offering plenty of fine bondage and sado-maso clips that will make a motor running even for a seasoned sm practitioner. The videos presented in the collection range in length and intensity, however, the main theme of each one of them inevitably includes a victim that gets to endure the desires of her cruel master. There is hot wax torment, ropes, masks and everything you expect from such collection.

Tied Up Blonde Pussy Electrocuted

By the look on this blonde’s face she has already experienced much for that day being one of Shadow Slaves. Her hands are tied behind her back, legs are bound and tits are squeezed. But the master has more in store for her. He plugs his electric tool into electricity socket and the girl already starts to moan in excitement as she knows what awaits her. In the rest of the video, after having her pussy electrocuted, she will have her nipples electrified too before they get pierced with multiple noodles…

Blonde tied up to chair and masturbated with electric tool -

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Extreme Bondage Dating

The extreme bondage scenes can be found at any porn site with a decent number of videos. But the videos are ineffective when it comes to giving real pleasure to the users. The mind of a person can never be satisfied with what they get through recorded media. The genuine experience is unmatched when the pleasure is real. Watching a female in a video is entirely different from instructing her like a master. The extreme bondage can be practiced on a dating site where real time play can help you get high in no time. The easy accessibility of such sites has opened up vast opportunities to bondage lovers.

Candle Fire And Hot Wax

Naked European girl gets treated to open fire of candle and hot wax dripping from it at Shadow Slaves. She first has her eyes closed and can only feel the heat of the fire when it gets close to her sking and wax drops start to burn through her flesh. The most exciting part begins when her master removes cover from her eyes so she can see the fire as he moves it in front of her face. She fears candle even more that way and burning wax feels even greater on her gentle facial skin…

UK girl tortured with hot fax dripping from candle -

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Tied Up Girl Tormented With Whip

Busty beauty gets punished for crime she didn’t commit when Shadow Slaves master straps her by hands and legs in his barn, strips her off all clothes to reveal her gorgeous body with big juicy tits and extremely gentle skin to prepare it for the shoot. He uses different canes to give her pain and pleasure. There are long thin ones to test her skin endurance and full handful of them at once, each with sharp end on it, to poke her most sensible bits of flesh…

Hot brunette canned by stric master in the barn -

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Two Girls Humiliated In Bdsm Training

These two girls are undertaking Shadow Slaves training which is decided to be held in the forest by their headmaster. Fresh air is good for exercising and people around can see the show too. The master will have his way with both girls and he is starting with blonde one. He first slaps her thighs and pussy with his leather belt to show them both who is in charge here. He then forces them to do bench-pressing, where slacking one will be punished…

Humiliation and pain in girls only training camp -

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Powerless Girl Takes Pain On Tits

She smiles at Shadow Slaves master after being hanged up by her hands to the ceiling for several minutes. This all looks like a friendly joke to her and she is yet to confront the reality. After soaking all juices out of her tits with painful glass pumps the master uses sharp little fork to play with her gentle skin. He scrubs her skin with it and around her nipples which become extremely sensitive to any pressure like that. She now starts to moan as he slowly goes with fork to her crotch…

Nude chick with her hads tied up to the ceiling takes tit pain -

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